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Who is for noise cancelling headphones for?

  Currently active noise reduction headsets, mostly wearing type design, this is mainly due to the principle of noise cancelling headphones is need a microphone to collect low frequency signal, then the reverse signal by an additional unit, in order to offset the external low-frequency noise. There are only a few brands have the ability to research and development and the noise cancelling headphones products. At the moment we don‘t know if I should buy the noise reduction headphones, the author first through the use of some personal experience to answer these questions:
  Noise cancelling headphones
  Q1: noise reduction headphones so expensive, really worth it?
  A: for those who need it, is worth. So who needs? The author thinks that, for long-distance journey or frequent travel, noise reduction headphones is very useful and can improve the quality of life of a thing, so to speak. So the earliest time, buy noise cancelling headphones are business people often need to by plane. Just two years noise reduction headphones, let many people shut (duo) note (shou) to these products. But need to know is that the noise reduction headphones is functional to point to design products, it most of all not walk on sound quality HIFI route. So please don‘t take the noise reduction headphones and music headphones compare with the price. So, if you don‘t have a business trip, the need of the journey, or about the sound quality is heavier, so the noise reduction headphones clearly is not the product of you need to consider.
  Q2: wear noise cancelling headphones will not safe on the road?
  A: this question is set into the ear ear plugs are the same, the author thinks that personal safety consciousness is more important, if you don‘t like to work according to the traffic signals are wandering, or on the way to the office often have some of the bicycle, it is likely the noise reduction of ear opportunity for you to ignore some details on the voice cause the happening of the accident. Around but if you can a little attention to the road conditions, actually will not bring too much of an issue, perhaps in the use of noise cancelling headphones for the first time it‘s a little bit not brought by the real quiet brings a certain sense of insecurity, but after the adaptation will be a good many.
  Q3: the gap between the noise reduction headphones can have how old?
  A: although we all in the name of noise cancelling headphones, but, in fact, the ability to reduce the noise of different brands or there is A gap, and the gap can be very big. Currently recognized consumer is the best noise cancelling headphones Bose products, followed by some brand with deep acoustic research and development capabilities, such as iron triangle, the last is the direct noise reduction plan to purchase some use of products. Regardless of the headphones and earbuds, BOSE noise reduction capability and several other brand the gap can be said to be high to don‘t know where go to, but the best noise reduction performance does not necessarily mean the best for you. If you often with noise cancelling headphones on public transport to and from work, and will be a little bit of a problem as part of the BOSE headphones, when doors and bumpy, headphones easily blown, this point in the BOSE QC20i and SONY MDR 1 RNC has appeared in the evaluation. Do not have this problem (and it is said that a new QC25 and)
  Q4: the head and wear earplugs to choose who good?
  A: noise reduction headphones wore at present more and more can have A listen. And then the author use, summarizes several selection criteria: if you need to take long flights often, so high-end earplugs type noise cancelling headphones such as BOSE QC20, is your best choice. Because wearing headphones to sleep on the plane position of the narrow, time is very painful audition, and earplugs type will be a lot better, but the ear plug type is not suitable for daily commuting, because most earplugs headphones online will have a large battery box, very affect use experience. And if you are short travel more, so head type is also not bad. If you still think a thread connecting too boring, currently on the market already has some bluetooth WIRELESS headset is a noise reduction function, such as philips 9850 nc, Mr Wang FIIL WIRELESS and innovative AUROVA LIVE! And so on, this product also can be said to be filled in the rival BOSE product line available at present.
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