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Ten creative design to promote the development of the keyboard

  On the road of the development of the keyboard, with the design of keyboard design plays a very important influence, even change the life of life. And the design for its ingenious ideas left a deep impression for us here, let us together to ten creative design to promote the development of the keyboard.
  A, ergonomic design
  The end of last century, with the popularity of computer, USES the irregular design ergonomic keyboard began to walk into our field of vision. On the keyboard keys are arranged "eight" glyph, ups and downs and have certain changes. Special key design allows users to use the keyboard to type can keep relatively good touch feeling, alleviate the fatigue caused by long time using the keyboard.
  Selected reasons: the use of distinctive appearance and comfortable feeling, some products and even some deformation design. As one of the classic design idea on the keyboard, the use of ergonomic design for the user comfort has a nature of ascension.

  Function: the keyboard keys to normal hand placement and finger length optimization arrangement, make its more users can accord with for a long time to use the keyboard to the pursuit of comfort.
  Development prospects: despite the ergonomic keyboard can bring user‘s more comfortable feeling, but because of its both in the design cost and production cost will be a lot higher than the ordinary keyboard, high prices make it difficult to popularize. And when the user use habits ergonomic keyboard after once change back to normal keyboard will cause a larger degree of discomfort.
  But for long time using a fixed computer, with no frequency in replacement of the keyboard users, ergonomic keyboard is a good choice. If the price can be further reduced, believe that there will be more users are willing to accept it.
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