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Mechanical keyboard

  Hot will continue, and mechanical keyboard pack up. In has in the past in the domestic brands competing in the market condition, in addition to the more familiar dahl, pro and fuller traditional domestic peripherals such as brand, tarantulas, blood hand ghost, red dragon, pine, and rising star are strong. Mechanical keyboard is so strong, and now, the wind and the notebook away game.
  When it comes to mechanical keyboard, or get to know the shaft body of the brand, because the mechanical shaft body is the root of the mechanical keyboard, and good quality shaft body is often attract players. Counting the shaft body brand on the market at present, in addition to the import of CHERRY, domestic brands include the shaft body KaiHua with a long history, high mechanical characteristics of the obvious, as well as the rising star of the champions league, head of lung and TTC.
  Domestic shaft body of the collective progress makes mechanical keyboard price more populist, while the six axis body brand covers most of the mechanical keyboard shaft on the market supply, the razer peripherals, game theory and other international well-known brand independent design the axis of the body to a KaiHua foundry, and like magic duck subsequent introduced squirrel axis chose the champions league, pro later since the spindle chose the TTC. Several main shaft body occupies the overwhelming majority of the share, but class MX shaft can replace sexual also destined to fight is cruel, as long as the quality is not bad, the price is not low can be replaced by each other, competition heats up.
  The blazing mechanical keyboard to notebook is neither traditional CHERRY, nor domestic veteran KaiHua, and it is the TTC electric (real).
  When it comes to TTC, dismantling the mouse players is not strange, because it‘s encoder and micro has pervaded razer, game theory, logitech and other high-end mouse. As traditional strengths of TTC, TTC encoder in competition with the ALPS, received numerous encoder quality brands for approval, became the first. And micro aspects, omron, although occupy the top spot, but TTC second foothold with its research and development strength, also from time to time also reveal the intention of coveted throne.
  As you all know, general machinery shaft, Germany CHERRY in the most famous. The shaft body product structure is complex, high dimensional accuracy, has been unable to break through in the technology, so widely used in external keyboard.
  Msi launched GT80 laptop last year, for example, without any changes will be mechanical shaft derivative in the notebook, notebook thick degree is obvious. Are so try water products, is currently the trend of e-sports game, should is to meet the needs of players, but look at msi GT80 notebook, its clear gave up the notebook portability, etc.
  Lenovo mechanical keyboard games consistent with the normal laptop notebook thickness
  Laptop computers on the market of light-weight mechanical axis, finally also in 2016, had the solution. Lenovo CES released this year with a mechanical keyboard in this game, carrying is developed by TTC light-weight mechanical axis.
  TTC light-weight mechanical shaft, key travel between 1.6 to 3.0 mm, only half of ordinary mechanical shaft, shaft body 20 million times life, can use 5 ~ 8 years. Trigger and rebound strength curve looked at, though not perfect CHERRY and name shaft body, but also has close. If later improve again, will also feel promotion again.
  The laptop keyboard TTC laptop keyboard
  Compared with ordinary laptop keyboard, TTC light-weight mechanical shaft with independence also makes the laptop keyboard keys. A button is broken, removing the reshipment can be solved. And removable keyboard design, let like to use a laptop to play games players get rid of the laptop easily infected with fingerprint preview of the ABS material key cap that gooey feeling, for love e-sports game players more DIY space.
  TTC light-weight mechanical shaft body launched quickly earning the trust of some brands, you can see, light-weight mechanical keyboard shaft body use it is stunt in the notebook market. Hope TTC light-weight mechanical axis in the notebook for promotion of game at the same time, all kinds of new type MX for players with higher quality and lower price, the diversification of mechanical keyboard shift is worth looking forward to 2016.
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