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Introduction to mobile power change

  In recent years, mobile power it quite active in the market, in fact, mobile power supply since listing, the speed of spread quite quickly, because this kind of products, production of entry barrier is relatively low, is also directly contributing to the market, there are a large number of fake and shoddy products, from mobile power caused by the accident in recent years, it can be seen.
  Mobile power products every year to ensure the very high growth in recent years, along with the price before is not very transparent, can be said to bring numerous manufacturers, a lot of profit, though currently on the market, the product quantity, the brand has a lot of, but, as the bottleneck problem of battery technology, combined with the ordinary digital products more and more people more, charging demand and a large market space, believe that in the next few years, the development of the whole industry is still.
  Simple mobile power change what happened
  But overall, the development of the whole market the main line and no big change, after all, the market with practical give priority to, can play out of the pattern is not much, and from the point of the product itself, actually mobile power itself has considerable limitations, because in principle, mobile power supply is a big spare batteries, and from now on the developing trend of mobile devices, battery technology improvement is imminent, many manufacturers have introduced the relevant battery technology, while on the range, there is no obvious improvement, but believe that within the next ten years, the battery life of mobile devices will have great changes, then demand of mobile power supply could be greatly reduced.
  What is the change in modern mobile power supply
  In fact, these a few years mobile power have a rapid development, compared with the original, also have a lot of change, in order to meet the needs of users, made quite a lot of improvement, and not let us take a look at today, modern mobile power compared with the past, what more, what changed.
  A relevant national legislation For the markets have strong guidance
  Mobile power supply on the market the first, the country has almost no clear specification, in just now, we also said that such thing as a mobile power supply, the production threshold is relatively low, whatever small workshops, also can undertake production, this situation is also directly contributing to chaos on the market, after a lot of mobile power supply after the accident, the country the rigid provision which comes first for mobile power supply, to clean the whole market injected with very strong power, also directly guide the future development of the market.
  The traditional 18650 batteries price advantage is obvious
  In fact, the development of batteries, speed is not fast, and the application on the mobile power battery core technology also can‘t too quickly, after all batteries can efficiency improvements, means that the mobile device battery energy efficiency improvement... In modern mobile power supply, the early products are mostly adopts 18650 batteries, but from the trend of recent years, polymer batteries, the product has the potential of rail, and the difference between these two kinds of batteries, believe that many users are clear, 18650 batteries is relatively heavy, polymers are more portable, and make a lot of products to choose 18650 direct - that is the cause of the batteries is also fairly simple demand circuit is simple and the cost of batteries, the cost is low, after all, for factory, how much cost is the most important factor)...
  The advantage of polymer batteries is quite obvious
  As the mobile power supply accident exposure in recent years, a lot of original manufacturers also began to increase attention for the quality control, safety more favor by the polymer batteries, polymer batteries, after all, will not explode, only possible bulge, spontaneous combustion, and so on and so forth. With many brand of polymers has become a propaganda slogan, of course, this type of product has the edge. Under the same packing volume (note that the packing volume), polymer batteries can store much more power, so they most lighter, have good portability, directly improve the user experience.
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