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17, paragraph one of the most creative appearance of speakers

  Household speaker design if often to quality as the first starting point, and the following design in appearance as the main consideration, freshome site collected 17 different style of sound box design, you can appreciate it together.

  First amp mainly borrowed from the originality of the Internet, the web page dialog box by Sherwood Forlee designed, he said he didn‘t have any design or art training background.
  You can begin to create all kinds of lovely elements. Speaker speakers from a DIY project, creator or even left behind the production of the wizard, you can even copy this design step by step.
  For the families of the pet may like this puppy speakers, speakers of sound effects and aesthetic factors such as design, so the price is relatively expensive, a such speakers need to cost $1449.
  Symbio created by Alpha speakers is an unusual design, you can use it to form a common stereo environment, can form a home theater.
  Jason Sui designed speaker system looks like a large coat of penguins, up to 150 watts of power, can be used for any home theater system, the product model for N3-8 Kidrobot, priced at $190.
  Nautilus speaker design by B&W engineer Laurence at aprice recession-hit for five years to design the high quality of the speaker, the speaker equipment reversed cone Angle and can absorb the audio from the rear.

  Jacob Mathew design fashion sound box contains the high-heeled shoes and bag, part of the subwoofer is hidden in the bag, you may not imagine the existence of the subwoofer.
  And the appearance of JBL new unique speaker can be the largest use of user controls, it is understood that each speaker‘s price of $250, $280 outdoor version. Circular design means that you can put the speakers in any joint Angle between the ceiling and wall, so as to provide the best audio effect.
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