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Company culture

     Enterprise ideal
  Having an outstanding elite team with a common goal of making a global well-known brand in high-end corporate is our expectation.

  Corporate cooperation
  Cooperate with each other to crate good future.

  Management goal
  Quality elites, auality product, quality brand and quality enterprise is our goal.

  Quality policy
  Customer first, quality is our purpose, benefit is our objective, all the staff to join in.

  Environment policy
  To promote the domain of protecting the environment, and to save resources, encourage all staff to join in; to control and prevent pollution, comply with the law, promote the continuous improvement.

  Management ideals
  Unity, faith, persisting and innovation.

  Service ideals
  Communication, effective service, professional knowledge, quality products, reasonable pricing.

  Quality ideals
  Client satisfaction is the sole standard to our work.
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